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Mountain village, Akakura of Kumano lets you feel original volost of Kumano and is the ground where a trace of the huge rock faith stays. Of inconvenient Kumano of the traffic the heart of a mountain has it more. The electric wave of the cell-phone does not arrive, too. The voice of a sound of the wind to shake trees, a bird and the deer, the voice of the insect, the sound that the river drifts to are comfortable and only sound. The night is darkness and quietness, sparkle of the stars. Warmth of the human dwelling and rich, steep nature.
Please come to the open mountain village.
You can eat always fresh "amago dishes". You have the experience-based menu only in the mountain village in various ways. Please enjoy various experiences with staying.

Akakura fishery
the project of green tourism & ginger in kumano

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Private residence Akakura, Akakura fishery 594-1, Ikusei-cho Akakura, Kumano-shi, Mie-ken, 519-4446