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We offer the various experiences only in the mountain village.
Because the participation only for experiences is possible without staying, please talk willingly.

Only in summer! Snatching off of an Amago

Snatching off can be experienced to the pool of a clear stream.
Period : July to September
Place : Ogawa river in front of Akakura fishery
Expense : 3500 yen for 1 kg (8-12 pieces of amago)
Time : about 1 hour
Reservation required
It may not be able to do by rise of water of a river, etc. Please understand the situation.

In the place of about 20 minutes, the outdoor club Iceman is located by car from Akakura. They offer the play unique to summer, such as rafting, canyoning, shower climbing, and a family floating trip.
Outdoor club Iceman


Tea harvesting
@Middle of May(important point inquiry)
@ Expense : 1500 yen for one person
@ Time : about 4-6 hours

Rice farming
Middle of May : Planting
Middle of September : Reaping
The small paddy field of many sheets is located in the Maruyama area, and it is called Senmaida.

Ceramic art
From April to October. Reservation required.
Expense : 2500 yen for one person
Time : about 1-2 hours

- -

Making a vine basket
From November to March. The basis of instruction and an original basket are made.
@ Expense : 2000 yen for one person
@ Time : about 2-3 hours


Mountain walking
A once old road and the way which Shugendo person followed are shown.


Swim in a river
In summer. The clear stream of rich nature is ideal for children's swim in a river.

- -

Roe gathering and culture of Amago
Roe gathering is from End of October. Culture of Amago can be experienced by Akakura fishery.

Firefly watching
We introduce the point with which many fireflies are seen.

Starlit sky watching
Since a natural woodland does not have an excessive light, you can see a starlit sky finely.

Stay is reservation required. Please apply for a schedule etc. after consultation and adjustment.

Private residence Akakura, Akakura fishery 594-1, Ikusei-cho Akakura, Kumano-shi, Mie-ken, 519-4446