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 Modified American plan(with dinner and breakfast included)   


Akakura is located in the mountains of Kumano-shi. It is chilly so as not to need an air conditioner when it is night in the midsummer. You can spend in the cool of nature.

Grilling Amago with salt, and Sashimi of Amago.
Furthermore, We provide food served in a pot or BBQ of a wild boar or a deer. Please enjoy the taste only in the mountain village.
Rice porridge boiled with tea with a scent gentle, dried Amago in the shade, etc. are offered.

Remodeled the old private house.

Room with a loft
Two steps of lofts.

The appearance such as the play room
When it is night, you hear various sounds and the voice of the animal.

Bath room
Let's warm the body thoroughly in the bath boils with firewood.

Dressing room

Please heat a firewood bath for yourself
Please enjoy the smell of the sound and smoke with which a tree burns.

Flush lavatory
The water of the kitchen, the bath, and the toilet was carried out for being able to carry out a septic tank and being, and is returned to the nature.

arious plants and mossy rocks
There are various plants and mossy rocks in the surroundings of the residence.

The place which washes a hand
The jar with the open hole is used.

Private residence Akakura, Akakura fishery 594-1, Ikusei-cho Akakura, Kumano-shi, Mie-ken, 519-4446
TEL.+81-597-82-1347  FAX.+81-597-82-1360